Frequently Asked Questions


We do not – We found the leverage curve of our bikes leaves the shock very tunable. We have successfully set up riders from 95 lbs. to well over 230 lbs.

Rail29 is compatible with any bashguard designed around the ISCG-05 standard. All other Revel models are not compatible with any bashguard.

22 ounces is the sweet spot – When using a side-loading water bottle cage, our frames fit a standard Revel 22-ounce water bottle. With a hands-free cap, these bottles are the best option around. Insulated bottles or larger sizes will need to be physically tested for clearance. You can also use Fidlock bottles for extra space!

You can– You will need to order the shock directly from Fox and ensure you purchase the correct tune for our bikes- this is important to maximize how awesome your Revel can be! Fox has a tune guide for our bikes on file. Unfortunately due to our agreement with Fox, you are not able to buy Fox suspension directly from Revel unless is ships on your new bike.

Ranger (52mm Chainline) 36T ROUND 34T OVAL
Rascal (52mm Chainline) 34T ROUND 32T OVAL
Rail27 (52mm Chainline) 34T ROUND 32T OVAL
Rail29 (52mm Chainline) 36T ROUND 34T OVAL
Rover 50T ROUND (47.5mm Chainline)/46T ROUND (45mm Chainline) OVAL TBD

For sure! But we feel strongly about specifics– We almost exclusively recommend Push coil shocks for our bikes. We tested every other coil shock on the market, and this is the only one we want to sell. You will love it. The Rail29 with a shorter yoke can accept a wider variety of coil options however.

Like this – Our in-house builders prefer to cross the derailleur cable over the rear brake cable. That being said, there is no wrong way; You can run the brake line and derailleur housing to cross under the bottom bracket or not. Just be sure to leave enough slack under the bottom bracket so that the bike can fully cycle through its travel without binding. A good rule of thumb is for the cables to be level with the teeth of your chainring.

We believe it is the best– After riding every system out there, we knew within about 100 yards of riding that the CBF system was something special. CBF suspension provides near-perfect anti-rise (braking performance) and anti-squat (pedaling performance) at 100% of the travel- which really helps our bikes stand out in bumpy terrain, uphill and downhill. Plus, working with Chris Canfield is an absolute blast, and he is really fast at riding bikes (downhill at least). We believe our suspension system outperforms any other suspension system on the market.

By hand with love and care– To us, paint is never an afterthought. We put endless amounts of time into developing and selecting our colors. Because we put so much emphasis on quality and durability, all of our frames are hand-painted, then diligently checked in multiple stages so your bike looks perfect when it arrives.

A true legend– Among a list of achievements, Chris won a rainbow jersey for old-guy downhill worlds last year. To learn more about the suspension building wizard, check him out @suspension_formulas.

It’s a worldwide collab– All of our bikes are made overseas in China or Vietnam in the best carbon fiber factories in the world to make our bikes. We employ two people in Taiwan to specifically check every single frame before it leaves our factories. We are proud of the Asian factories we work with and they are proud to work with us to create some really badass bikes. We then assemble every Revel bike by hand at our Carbondale, Colorado facility before it is shipped to you.

The limit does not exist– At Revel, just like the rest of the bike, we put focus, time, research, and energy into every color we choose. We are always getting paint samples of unique colors to see if the vision matches the final product. Once in a while, you’ll see a one-off color in the wild; this may be a promotional bike we create in conjunction with a charity, like our friends at Love Your Brain… Or occasionally, a sample arrives and doesn’t match our expectation. At that point, we find a friend in need and hopefully make their day.

The future– Unfortunately, at the moment, that is our best answer for you. As a small company, we must grow slowly and deliberately. Revel does not tie itself to a product line or annual release timeline.  From the outset, Revel’s founders wanted to build bikes that they wanted to ride. With only a few bikes in the stable, it is safe to say that no one is satisfied and there is more to come! When we get something perfected, you’ll be the first we’ll share it with! Join our mailing list to be sure you receive notifications of any new releases!

Sadly, no – Due to current supply chain issues and parts shortages, we’re unable to accommodate most parts requests. We offer a solid number of options for customization on our website that we’ve hand-picked for quality and performance; if and when the supply chain gets back to normal, we may be able to get more creative with custom parts.

For dealer sales, your local bike shop can buy a frame, frame and fork, or frame, fork and Revel Wheels combo and build it to your wildest dreams.

Hit the nail polish aisle – Revel does not offer touch-up paint. The best solution we’ve found is to use nail polish. Swing by a local pharmacy, Target, or online to find a color match for your bike.

Yes! And recycling is important!– Our FusionFiber™ wheels are backed by a lifetime guarantee –  should you bust a wheel, send it in and we’ll send you a new one, no questions asked. Once we receive your wheel, we will remove the vinyl decals and drop the rim into a chipper to chop it into pieces for recycling.

You’re not crazy – many components and parts you’ll find on your bike are not available to purchase directly from Revel. If you need help finding a specific part, feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you track it down.

Hit your local shop – Swing by your local Revel dealer or give us a call and we’ll help you find what you need.


We sure do! – Head over to our Industry Purchase page, fill out the application, and sit tight while we get you setup to purchase at your qualified discount!

Both! – We recognize how important first responders and healthcare professionals are to our local and biking communities. Keeping us safe, being available to help when needed, and putting us back together when things go wrong is paramount to keeping our butts in the saddle as much as possible! We extend 15% off all our products to qualified individuals through our Industry Purchase application. Thank you for what you do!

Don’t rush, it’s a big decision – Although our lineup may be small, our bikes have big personalities. We’re here to help you find the perfect bike to suit your trails and style of riding.

Rail – Long travel and 27.5” wheels make this bike the ideal weapon for charging through the rowdiest terrain. Both up and down the trail, CBF makes things a breeze by maximizing pedaling efficiency, minimizing brake jack and smoothing out the gnarliest of lines. We’d go ahead and say this is the most agile and playful bike in our lineup.

Rascal– A mid-travel, 29er trail bike meant to do it all. Sitting nicely between the Rail and Ranger in our roster, the Rascal is a quiver-killer that will take you just about anywhere. At home on multiday alpine singletrack quests, quick lunch loops, and even a bike park lap or three, this is the bike that will have you prepared for whatever your ride may bring.

Ranger – 29” wheels and hyper-efficient, short-travel suspension that punches well above its weight are the name of the game here, baby. This is our bike most at home on the XC race course and long trail rides with big elevation gains, built to grind out the most soul-crushing climbs with ease before dusting the competition on the way back down.

If you have any questions regarding which bike fits your needs best, you can always reach out – our super-knowledgeable sales team will answer any questions and help you find the perfect match.

Almost ready to rip – All direct-to-consumer bikes are completely assembled, adjusted and test ridden by expert mechanics. To ship, we remove certain components such as the wheels, seat post and handlebar, attaching them securely to your bike’s frame.  Once delivered, assembling your bike is a quick and simple process: all you do is mount the handlebars and derailleur, put the wheels on, set up the suspension and you’re ready to ride.

We followed the needs of the customer – When we launched Revel, we had the idea that our customers would need a way to haul the coolest bike they’ve ever owned around the globe. Customer feedback has proven otherwise, so we have transitioned to a generic, corrugated cardboard box, packed with 85% re-used packaging materials. Our boxes are stamped with environmentally friendly, plant-based ink, limiting harmful chemicals. After receiving your bike, the boxes can be reused in a number of ways: ship your last bike to its new owner, turn it into a spaceship and play with the family in the backyard, ship odd pieces of art to your loved ones – the list is endless.

Check with our dealers! Retailers all over the US and the world have Revel bikes available to demo. Due to the pandemic it may be a bit trickier to find one, but they’re out there! If you head to our Dealer Locator page, you’ll see a list of where our demo bikes live all around the world. Be sure to call your local shop ahead of time to check availability.

If you are near Carbondale, CO, we are lucky to have teamed up with Aspen MTB School at the Snowmass Bike Park. Not only do they have a full fleet of our bikes, but they provide top-of-the-line service and have direct access to some of the best downhill and cross-country riding in the state. Give them a call at (970) 404-0665 to reserve your demo bike today!

Sadly, no – Due to current supply chain issues and parts shortages, we’re unable to accommodate most parts requests. We offer a solid number of options for customization on our website that we’ve hand-picked for quality and performance; if and when the supply chain gets back to normal, we may be able to get more creative with custom parts.

For dealer sales, your local bike shop can buy a frame, frame and fork, or frame, fork and Revel Wheels combo and build it to your wildest dreams.

We guarantee you’ll get the right fit – If necessary, we can exchange sizes within 30 days of shipping your bike, depending on availability. Feel free to call us if you’re feeling stuck between sizes!

Pretty standard– All of our apparel runs to a standard American size chart. Measurements for all items can be found on their individual product pages.

Of course – As long as your items are returned unworn, unwashed and with all original packaging and tags on, we will happily exchange for the proper size. Items to be exchanged must be returned to the Revel warehouse within two weeks.

It’s a big world, so things can vary– We offer free shipping for orders over $100 USD going anywhere in the contiguous U.S. (lower 48). For orders being shipped internationally, please reach out to your countries’ distributor here.

Pedal now, pay later – We offer 6-month interest free financing through Affirm. You can also finance for longer periods with a variable interest rate depending on their credit assessment. Your financing term will start upon order submission, not when your bike ships. If you are having issues with the Affirm checkout process, please reach out to their Customer Care team by dialing their toll-fee number at (855)423-3729.  Learn more about how Affirm finacing works.

A nice variety- We accept PayPal, major credit cards, ACH bank transfers, and can accommodate split payments in order to get you the bike of your dreams. For financing purposes, we offer 6-month interest-free financing to approved buyers through Affirm and longer terms with varying interest rates depending on Affirms credit assement. See if you qualify on our checkout page today!

For some States, yes – Due to new economic nexus laws, we are required to collect sales tax in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. Sales tax is applicable to where the product is delivered so it is based off the shipping address.

Indeed! We can ship Revel bikes just about anywhere in the world. Shipping costs will vary and the buyer will be responsible for any taxes and import duties.

In some cases, we have regional exclusivity agreements with our distributors that prevent us from selling a bike directly to a customer. If so, we’ll put you in touch with said distributor to get you the bike of your dreams!

Look for our emails! – Because lead-times seem to constantly be changing, we are initially collecting deposits the bike you would like to purchase. After paying your deposit, a sales rep will reach out with an estimated time frame we expect to deliver the bike. As that date approaches, we will email a payment link and order confirmation 2-3 weeks before we expect your order to ship. This should give you ample time to plan around the purchase and pay at your convenience through our online checkout process.

We’ll contact you pronto and keep you updated – Like many industries in the world, the bike industry is still feeling the effects of the pandemic. Once you have placed your order, if your item is in stock, you will receive an email with an estimated ship date as well as a tracking number once it’s in the mail. If the item you have ordered is a pre-order, a sales team member will contact you within the week to discuss the status of your order and give you the best available ETA.

At Revel, we are doing out absolute best to provide clear and accurate updates regarding your order. That said, the state of the supply chain is very volatile and things are changing daily. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Once it has shipped – We provide tracking information as soon as your order is picked up from our warehouse. If you’ve placed a pre-order, you’ll be contacted by a sales team member with any order updates or changes to your estimated ship date.

It depends – FedEx Ground (our preferred service) usually takes 3-5 days for orders in the lower 48 states. Orders shipping internationally can sometimes take 2-3 weeks, depending on the destination. We provide tracking information as soon as your bike leaves our building!

30 days, no questions asked – At Revel we stand firmly behind every product we sell. We’re happy to offer a no-questions-asked, 30 day return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your Revel product for any reason, within 30 days from the date of purchase, we will refund 100% of your money. However, if you purchased a Revel bike with any non-standard, customized options (e.g. custom upgraded products or colored wheels) we reserve the right to charge up to a 25% restocking fee on those parts. Not to be unreasonable; we just don’t want to get stuck with some funky Rasta-themed custom wheels that you created should you happen to return your complete bike.

A darn good one– We offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects to the original purchaser of a Revel frame or complete bike. We also offer a comprehensive Crash Replacement program that allows first and second owners to purchase replacement frame segments (front/rear triangle) or a complete frame at 50% off MSRP in the event of a crash or other incident that renders your frame un-rideable.

Our warranty program for frames extends for a lifetime under the original buyer. To read up on what is covered under the lifetime warranty, check our Warranty policy.  If you need to start a warranty, please reach out to our team with photos and a description of your issue to [email protected]. Our warranty and quality control team will do everything they can to get you back on the bike as soon as possible!

Ugh, we’re sorry – If you’re anything like us, you saw that frame wrap and absolutely melted. Unfortunately, the Skida frames are officially two of a kind. Every once in a while, we collaborate with other brands to create one-offs for raffles, fundraisers, and more. Our Skida-wrapped frame was raffled off in June 2021 as a fun way to give one lucky rider the frame of a lifetime. Unfortunately we cannot offer any custom wraps at this time. Keep an eye on our socials for more giveaways to come!

No luck– Unfortunately, we do not offer custom paint jobs.

Yes, don’t forget to register!– We have a lifetime frame warranty program and registering will activate that for your bike. It also allows for quick processing if you do need to warranty your bike cause we will already have the information we need to get started! Once you have purchased your Revel, head over the Warranty Registration page to get your bike registered.


In beautiful Carbondale, Colorado! – We love being part of the small mountain community in the Roaring Fork valley with world class hiking, fishing, biking, and skiing right outside our front door!

We’d love to have you, just give us a heads up – The Revel warehouse is located in Carbondale, CO, just a half mile from the Roaring Fork River, where you’ll often find the Revel raft (S.S. David Boatie) floating in the evenings after work.

We love having guests come by and see where we spend our days! We do ask that you please call in advance to ensure someone is available to meet you. If so, we’ll give you the full tour, pull some espresso shots and geek out on some bikes! We are open Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm with some in and outs for group rides, off campus meetings, etc.

We hope so! – We have a limited fleet of demo bikes and depending on what events are going on we may or may not have the bike you are wanting to ride available. But we also have an excellent dealer network and many of our retailers carry demo bikes. Contact your local retailer or contact us at [email protected] to see if you can schedule something while you are in town. Maybe we’ll even be able to ride with you too!

We’re growing fast so probably! – Check out our careers page to see the list of open positions.

Spring 2019! – Although Revel is a relatively young brand, our sister company Why Cycles has been around since 2015 so we are no newbies to the bike world.

Yep, just different brands. – The same people that design and support the Revel Bikes products also represent our sister company Why Cycles. While we all love the full squish ride, many of us enjoy the supple yet stiff characteristics of Why titanium when adventure biking.