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Like coffee? Like Revel Bikes?  We know the answer is yes so grab one of these handmade, beautiful coffee mugs crafted by our friend and Revel rider Jason Bohnert!  Holds ~ 8 ounces, size will vary due to the handmade nature of these incredible mugs!


Revel Bikes Logo Cup Project

Materials/Process: All mugs are handmade from a fine grade red Earthenware clay, like the red dirt of Sedona, where Revel Bikes was first launched. Each mug is thrown on the potter’s wheel, hand scraped/textured, then handles attached and pulled on the cup. Once fully crafted, assembled, and dry to touch, they are hand dipped in a white (or pink) clay wash, to coat and color exterior surface. The thin wash of colored slip allows the red clay to burn through to the surface creating the variegated white to red/purple/pinkish hues. After this there is an initial kiln firing to harden the wares, and then a clear glaze is applied to interior and exterior to create a smooth, food-safe, gloss finish after a second kiln firing. Lastly, custom Ceramic Laser decal logos are printed, cut, wetted and applied by hand, in prep for the final kiln firing, which fuses the red iron oxide logo to the glazed/glass surface permanently.

Artist Bio:

Jason Bohnert lives in Flagstaff, AZ, where he teaches full time in the School of Art at NAU, creates unique functional ceramic art at his home studio, and rides his Revel bike at every opportunity! Jason purchased his first mountain bike (rigid steel Bridgestone MB 3) in 1993, the same year he took his first Ceramics class in undergrad. 27 years later, studio ceramics and mountain biking are still his favorite activities and pursuits of choice. Ceramics and biking have taken him to China, France, Mongolia, Mexico, and beyond, exploring his creative passions. Jason’s ceramic work is exhibited throughout the US at fine Craft and Art Exhibitions, and you can visit his home Studio and Gallery by appointment.

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