Our Bikes

DESIGNING the best bikes on the planet.

We are making the best full suspension mountain bikes we can dream up using the legendary CBF™ suspension design. We use the best materials, thoughtful design features, and our favorite geometries. Add in our carbon gravel bike and Reynolds853 dirt jump bike and we have a ride for almost any occasion.

29″ Wheel      155MM   Shock Travel     160MM Fork Travel
27.5″ Wheel      165MM   Shock Travel     170MM Fork Travel
29″ Wheel      130MM   Shock Travel     140MM Fork Travel
29″ Wheel      115MM   Shock Travel     120MM Fork Travel
El Jefe
29″ Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     120MM Fork Travel
29″ Wheel      200MM   Shock Travel     200MM Fork Travel
700c Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     00MM Fork Travel
700c Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     00MM Fork Travel
Big Iron
27.5 Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     00-100MM Fork Travel
29 Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     120MM Fork Travel
26 Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     100MM Fork Travel
27.5 Wheel      00MM   Shock Travel     120mmMM Fork Travel
29″ Diameter
2.3-2.6″Rec. Tire Width
30MMInternal Width
485gRim Weight
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700c Diameter
32-47mmRec. Tire Width
23MMInternal Width
400gRim Weight
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Our Wheels

Next generation of rim materials

100% recyclable. Lighter, stronger, better ride quality and made in America. We build what we want to ride in the best way possible. The unique Fusion-Fiber™ technology is developed and manufactured in an aerospace facility just west of us in southern Utah. Our distinctive material and sophisticated design provide a noticeably superior ride quality to any other rim on the market.


Our mountain bikes use the patented CBF™ suspension system that we expertly tuned to optimize the uphill as much as the downhill. We fixate on creating the best kinematics on the market because truth be told… one of the few things we like better than designing bikes is riding them.


We are life-long bike revelers

Revel Bikes was born from a mix of dirt-bag bikers, die-hard creators, and entrepreneurs. We are rider owned and our goal is to make the best bikes the world has ever seen.