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We took the legendary CBF™ suspension platform somewhere it’s never been before; think XC light, XC efficiency, with the extra dose of that bottomless CBF™ feel. It is over a pound lighter than the Rascal frame and tough enough to inspire confidence on the descents. Its right at home at the start line of a marathon race, all day in the mountains or just rallying the local trails after work. Welcome to the Ranger- a bike that takes modern XC suspension to a whole new level.

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Key Attributes

Rear Travel
Front Travel
Thermoset Carbon Fiber
Frame Material

The CBF™ focuses the center of curvature in a very finite area on the chainline/top of the chainring, pointing the pedaling forces directly where you want them.

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Ranger v1

Build Specs

GX EagleShimano XTX01 Eagle
FrameRevel Ranger 29″ 115mm TravelRevel Ranger 29″ 115mm TravelRevel Ranger 29″ 115mm Travel
ForkRockShox SID Select+ 120mmRockShox SID Ultimate 120mm RockShox SID Ultimate 120mm
ShockRockShox SID Luxe Ultimate RockShox SID Luxe UltimateRockShox SID Luxe Ultimate
WheelsIndustry Nine Trail S
1/1 Hubs
(*upgrade available)
Industry Nine Trail S
1/1 Hubs
(*upgrade available)
Industry Nine Trail S
1/1 Hubs
(*upgrade available)
HeadsetCane Creek 40-seriesCane Creek 40-seriesCane Creek 40-series
TubelessStans No tubes Single shots x2Stans No tubes Single shots x2Stans No tubes Single shots x2
TiresMaxxis Dissector 29″ x 2.4″ EXO Front, Maxxis Rekon 29″ x 2.4″ EXO RearMaxxis Dissector 29″ x 2.4″ EXO Front, Maxxis Rekon 29″ x 2.4″ EXO RearMaxxis Dissector 29″ x 2.4″ EXO Front, Maxxis Rekon 29″ x 2.4″ EXO Rear
BarRaceFace Aeffect R 35
780mm x 20mm Rise
RaceFace NEXT R 35
800mm x 20mm Rise
RaceFace NEXT R 35
800mm x 20mm Rise
StemRaceFace Aeffect R 35 x 40mmRaceFace Turbine R 35 x 40mmRaceFace Turbine R 35 x 40mm
PostCrank Brothers Highline 7
SM (31.6mm x 125mm)
MD (31.6mm x 150mm)
LG (31.6mm x 170mm)
XL (31.6mm x 200mm)
Crank Brothers Highline 7
SM (31.6mm x 125mm)
MD (31.6mm x 150mm)
LG (31.6mm x 170mm)
XL (31.6mm x 200mm)
Crank Brothers Highline 7
SM (31.6mm x 125mm)
MD (31.6mm x 150mm)
LG (31.6mm x 170mm)
XL (31.6mm x 200mm)
SaddleWTB Volt CroMo BlackWTB Volt CroMo BlackWTB Volt CroMo Black
BrakesSRAM G2 RShimano XT M8100 2-PistonSRAM G2 RSC
RotorsSRAM Centerline 6-Bolt 180mm front / 160mm rearShimano Rotor XT RT86 6-Bolt 160mm front & rearSRAM Centerline 6-Bolt 180mm front / 160mm rear
ShifterSRAM GX EagleShimano XT M8100 12spdSRAM X01 Eagle
Rear DerailleurSRAM GX EagleShimano XT M8100SRAM X01 Eagle
ChainSRAM GX EagleShimano XT M8100 12spdSRAM X01 Eagle
CassetteSRAM GX Eagle 10-52Shimano XT M8100 10-51 12spdSRAM X01 Eagle 10-52
CranksetSRAM GX Eagle alloy DUB 170mm 32tShimano XTR M9120 170mm 32tTruvativ Stylo Carbon DUB 170mm 32t
Bottom BracketSRAM DUB BSAShimano XT MT800SRAM DUB BSA
GripsLizard Skins Charger Evo Grip BlackLizard Skins Charger Evo Grip BlackLizard Skins Charger Evo Grip Black
Seat CollarRevel 34.9mm DiaRevel 34.9mm DiaRevel 34.9mm Dia
**Specifications subject to change without notice****Specifications subject to change without notice****Specifications subject to change without notice**

After a few weeks aboard the Revel Ranger, it’s proven to be as efficient, agile, and stable as it is stylish. There are aspects I love about a bike that has relatively modern geo, but can punch above its especially light weight on technical terrain.Read more...

Like other bikes in the Revel family, the Ranger’s suspension feels impressively pedal efficient without giving anything up when it comes to suspension performance when it’s needed. For a bike this small, the suspension is eye-opening when things get rough. Read more...

While being a very fun and efficient 115mm travel bike, you can also ride this thing like a hooligan and really push the limits of what a short travel bike is capable of. Read more...

RIDER HEIGHT (In.) 5'1" - 5'7" 5'6" - 5'10" 5'9" - 6'2" 6'1" - 6'7"
RIDER HEIGHT (cm) 155 - 170cm 167.5 - 178cm 175 - 188cm 185.5 - 200.5cm
EFFECTIVE TOP TUBE LENGTH 594mm 616mm 639mm 667mm
SEAT TUBE LENGTH 373mm 403mm 439mm 457mm
SEAT TUBE ANGLE (EFFECTIVE/ACTUAL) 75.3° 75.3° 75.3° 75.3°
CHAIN STAY LENGTH 436mm 436mm 436mm 436mm
BOTTOM BRACKET DROP 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm
BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT 338mm 338mm 338mm 338mm
HEAD TUBE ANGLE 67.5° 67.5° 67.5° 67.5°
WHEEL BASE 1146mm 1170mm 1194mm 1223mm
HEAD TUBE LENGTH 95mm 105mm 116mm 127mm
AXLE TO CROWN 531mm 531mm 531mm 531mm
FORK OFFSET 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
TRAIL 108mm 108mm 108mm 108mm
STACK 600mm 609mm 619mm 629mm
REACH 430mm 453mm 473mm 498mm
STANDOVER 699mm 699mm 699mm 700mm
190 x 45 - 22.2 x 8 Mounting Hardware Spec
Boost 148mm rear / 110mm front
174mm x M12 x P1.75
Revel Derailleur Hanger
31.6mm, 34.9mm Seat Collar
SM (236mm), MD (252mm),
LG (285mm), XL (305mm)
BOLU 6801V-2RD,
12mm x 21mm x 5mm 6pcs per bike
BOLU 6901V-2RD,
12mm x 24mm x 6mm 12pcs per bike
Post Mount: 160mm direct / 180mm max
29” x 2.6” or 27.5" x 2.8" (rear)
Threaded (73mm English threaded)
36T Round / 34T Oval, 52mm Chainline
See Shimano XT Fitment Disclaimer
IS42 upper / IS52 Lower
Johnny Green Jeans / De La Coal
S / M / L / XL
2 (Small Frames, 3 (Med, Lg, XL Frames)
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The Details

Design Features

29x2.6" Tire Clearance

Short travel, big tires. The Ranger was designed to accept up to 2.6 tires to make it even more capable on the down while still quick and nimble on the climb.

CBF™ Suspension

The CBF™ Suspension is what makes the positive uphill and downhill performance of the Ranger possible. Less pedal bob, stable under braking forces, and a bottomless feel keep the Ranger from hardly ever feeling out-gunned.

Fully Guided Internal Tubing

Simple, quiet cable routing! Fully guided internal tubes make maintenance and replacing cables a dream.

Colorado Quality

All Revel bikes are designed, tested, inspected, and assembled by skilled bike nerds in Carbondale, CO.

Bottles for miles

The Ranger frame is built out with 3 sets of bottle bolt bosses to accommodate a large range of bottle amounts, sizes, and other tasty beverages.

Integrated Headset

Simple, easy maintenance with no need for fancy tools. All Revels have integrated headsets with carbon bearing seats for a quiet ride and easy replaceability.

Threaded Bottom Bracket

Simple, easy, straightforward, and standard. We believe threaded BBs are key to any bike for all the practical reasons.


We do not – We found the leverage curve of our bikes leaves the shock very tunablee. We have successfully set up riders from 95 lbs. to well over 230 lbs.

The Ranger is not compatible with any chainguides or bashguards currently on the market.

You can – You will need to order the shock directly from Fox and ensure you purchase the correct tune for our bikes. This is important to maximize how awesome your Revel can be! Fox has a tune guide for our bikes on file. Unfortunately due to our agreement with Fox, you are not able to buy Fox suspension directly from Revel unless is ships on your new bike.

22 ounces is the sweet spot – When using a side-loading water bottle cage, our frames fit a standard Revel 22-ounce water bottle. With a hands-free cap, these bottles are the best option around. Insulated bottles or larger sizes will need to be physically tested for clearance. The Ranger can fit an additional small bottle above the shock on the inside of the front triangle on large and extra large frames! For medium frames, the upper mount works for tool/accessory storage!

52mm Chainline

36T Round / 34T Oval

Our in-house builders prefer to cross the derailleur cable over the rear brake cable. That being said, there is no wrong way; You can run the brake line and derailleur housing to cross under the bottom bracket or not. Just be sure to leave enough slack under the bottom bracket so that the bike can fully cycle through its travel without binding. A good rule of thumb is for the cables to be level with the teeth of your chainring.

We almost exclusively recommend the Push micro-coil for the Ranger. We tested every other coil shock on the market. you will love it.

We did not the design the Ranger to be ridden as a mullet so we would not recommend it!

Torque Specifications
Pivot #1
10 Nm
Pivot #2
10 Nm
Pivot #3
10 Nm
Pivot #4 (Bolt Style)
10 Nm
Pivot #4 (Nut Style)
18 Nm (25 Nm Max)
Pivot #5
10 Nm
Rear Shock Bolt
15 Nm
Forward Shock Bolt
10 Nm
Rear Axle
13 Nm (18 Nm Max)
Seat Clamp
5 Nm
Derailleur Hanger
10 Nm
Required Tools for Basic Service
» Torque Wrench
» 1x T25 Torx Wrench
» 1x 15mm Chamferless Socket (Nut Style Pivot #4 Only)
» 1x 4mm Hex Bit
» 1x 5mm Hex Bit
» 1x 6mm Hex Bit
» 1x 8mm Hex Bit
Part Number Description Qty.
A 310-00000-0036 Pivot #1 Axle 1
B 310-00000-0040 Pivot #2 Axle 1
C 310-00000-0042 Pivot #3 Axle 2
D 310-10021-0087 Pivot #4 Axle (Nut Style – External Threads) 0 or 1
E 310-00000-0034 Pivot #4 Axle (Bolt Style – Internal Threads) 0 or 1
F 310-00000-0045 Pivot #5 Axle 2
G 310-10021-0035 Pivot #1/#2/#4 Spacer 6
H 310-00000-0041 Pivot #3/#5 Spacer 4
I 310-00000-0045 Pivot #1/#2 Bolt (Pivot #4 Bolt Style Only 2 or 3
J 310-10021-0086 Pivot #4 Nut (Nut Style Only) 0 or 1
K 310-00000-0044 Pivot #3/#5 Bolt 4
L ------ 6901V-2RD Bearing 12
M ------ 6801V-2RD Bearing 6
N 310-00000-0038 Pivot #1 Inner Spacer 1
O 310-00000-0039 Pivot #2 Inner Spacer 1
P 310-00000-0037 Pivot #4 Inner Spacer 1
Q 310-10021-0050 Forward Shock Bolt 1
R 310-10021-0051 Forward Shock Axle 1
S 310-10021-0077 Rear Shock Bolt 1
T 310-00000-0028 Revel Axle M12x1.75x174mm 1
U 310-00000-0015 Ranger Derailleur Hanger 1
V 310-00000-0016 Ranger Derailleur Hanger Bolt 1
W ------ Bottle Mount Bolts 4
»   When servicing your Ranger’s linkage, take time to clean all parts thoroughly to ensure creak-free shredding.
»   Apply Ti. Prep or Anti-Seize to threads of forward and rear shock mounting hardware (parts Q and S in exploded view).
»   Apply a thin film of grease to all axle shafts. Do not apply grease to the threads of the axles, bolts, and nuts.
»   Apply blue Loctite 242 (or similar) to threads on the bolts and nuts.
»   We recommend only changing bearings that show signs of wear.
»   To make assembly easier, loosely assemble the complete linkage before tightening any of the pivot locations.
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